Scholarships Information


This scholarship is available to a Dare County resident who is a graduating senior or a high school graduate that will be attending a 2 or 4 year college or university full-time.  The initial award will be $1,000 or as indicated.  Scholarship recipients will be invited to re-apply for the renewable scholarships (shorter application with one essay question included) toward completion of an undergraduate degree. (up to an additional 3 years).  Awards for the renewable portion will be made after review of applications received.  The criteria for the renewable scholarships will be the same as for the initial applicants.

Selection criteria will include: 

  • Applicant should have good community involvement, strong character and positive work history
  • Service to the community/school/church (since we are a service organization)
  • Volunteer hours recorded (consider work history also)
  • Work history (to be considered because some students must work and may not have as much volunteer time due to this need)
  • Clubs/Activity/Athletics are not required but will complement the application
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Consideration for scholarships that are already known to be awarded to the candidate
  • Complete the online application by the required deadline
  • Only non-profit colleges and universities are eligible 

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no criteria for “Need” listed.  We can assume that everyone that applies needs some type of help and with the consideration for scholarships that are already known, we can read between the lines on those applicants and make good decisions.